Spring Update is UP

We just released the major spring update on itchio! (Steam build will follow shortly, as there are a few more steps I have to follow). 

Enjoy the new content and don't hesitate to message if you encounter any issues!


  • 5 new sprite sets
  • 12 new CGs
  • 24 new chapters (2/character)

In order to unlock new content, you may need to replay certain chapters. Use the memories tab to do this quickly! (After stories unlock once a player has read a character's END 1; Back stories unlock after reading ALL END 1's)


DeadWishes-1.21-mac.zip 633 MB
May 13, 2019
DeadWishes-1.21-pc.zip 650 MB
May 13, 2019

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Can I ask why there was a redesign for Ophelia's image?  I think her old design was cuter.


Hi! We posted about this on our Twitter, Tumblr, and Discord. Here is a link to my [Sabrina] statement: [xxxxx]

And here is AO's statment: [xxxxx]


Wow!  Thank you for the transparency, I think it's great that you're going to fix the issues.  

Hi, I tried downloading the new version for PC and I keep getting version 1.21, instead of 2.21, is there a mistake in the files?

No, I just forgot to rename the files - I'll change the folder's name on here so that people don't get confused.