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This is the soundtrack for the horror-romance visual novel, Dead Wishes!



  1. Twelve [Main Title]
  2. Morning Espresso [Allegra's theme]
  3. Agape [Vincent's theme]
  4. Vermin [Ophelia's theme]
  5. Sunset [Lucien's theme]
  6. Omerta [Sergio's theme]
  7. Snowy Fair [Eira's theme]
  8. Green Afternoon [Nanako's theme]
  9. Pastel Heart [Kazue's theme]
  10. Garbage [Mateo's theme]
  11. Baked [Clement's theme]
  12. Vulpes Vulpes [Festus' theme]
  13. The Last Dance [Anise's theme]
  14. Introspection
  15. Past
  16. A Moment's Peace
  17. Promenade
  18. Breathless
  19. Sleep
  20. Honeyed
  21. Echoed
  22. Pyres
  23. Shot in the Dark
  24. A Lonely Alley
  25. Headstart
  26. Mistake
  27. Latrotoxin
  28. Myself am Hell
  29. One
  30. Buffet of Wishes [Credits]
  31. Buffet of Wishes (No voice)


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blasting mateos theme at 3am is my spirit animal 

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