Week 4: February 9

Short version: 

Kazue's rough draft is finished as well as Sergio's sprites!


Kazue's route was a trip to write and I'm excited to get into edits with her. I've started feeling very much like I'm churning out the rough drafts one after another, so having a lot of time to read, re-read, edit, write, and revise will be advantageous for the finished product.

Kazue: Um… I just… I just missed you.
Pov: I’ll be right out. Can you give me a second?
Kazue: Um… okay…
She closes the door, but I don’t hear her walk away. I quickly change clothes and go to Kazue’s room. She sits down on the bed and stares up at me.
Kazue: It will be warm, don’t you think?
Pov: Yeah. Of course.

Kazue is such a trip to write because she hardly has any concept of privacy. I can't wait to take her route to a whole new level of discomfort and add to the horror.


Sergio's sprites are all finished! Here are some screenshots of scenes available in the beta with his sprites!

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