Week 2: January 26

Short version: 

Nanako's RD is half complete. (Short update this week!)


Nanako's route RD is half-finished and will be completed by Feb 1 at the latest. We are rolling right along!

Pov: I’ll do anything to help.
Nanako: But there isn’t anything to help with.
Nanako: You could ask Kazue.
Kazue: Ask me…?
Kazue is back with two glasses of water. She hands them to both Nanako and myself and then sits down.
Nanako: About helping here.
Kazue: Oh. Well… I think I have it covered! I don’t want to trouble you.
Pov: …
Pov: I really need a job. I’ll lose my apartment if I don’t get a job.
Nanako: Not my problem.
Kazue: Nana! That’s cruel.
Nanako: ...sorry.
Kazue: I’m sorry for what’s happened to you. We’d like to try to help, right Nana?
Nanako: …
Nanako: Do what you want.

I'm spending extra time developing more contrast between Vincent, Eira, and Nanako because they have similar surface personalities. So far, Nanako is proving to be the most difficult as she is a woman of few words. I'm planning to spend a great deal of time developing her character arc. There are many ways to develop character with limited dialogue!


We're very excited that our game was livestreamed by rinsenpai last night! We got a lot of useful feedback about transitions and live reactions for Vincent and Ophelia's routes, which is always helpful when we want more information about the horror aspects of our game.

Grab a snack and check out the stream, as well as the rest of the channel!

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