Update Week 1: Jan 19

(It's really week 3, but we're only just getting to logs.) Heyo! UGH I wrote this and then it didn't post, so it's late. 

Short version: 

Eira's rough draft is finished and we're moving to Nanako. Concept art for Sergio and Eira was released in the previous devlog.


Sergio and Eira's rough drafts are complete - Sergio at about 45 pages and Eira at 37. These are rough drafts and will be heavily edited once drafts of all of the characters are complete (total completion projected for April). 

Sergio is such a joy to write. He's like a big kid. He's one of the more expressive characters, so I'm excited to see the script programmed with sprites, as he is a dynamic character.

Eira is comforting to write because I find myself (personally) gravitating to characters of her "personality type". I love the dynamic between her and Sergio - there's really a lot of trust and platonic love there (a pleasant foil to Lucien and Ophelia) - and I'm excited for other people to read it!

Some excerpts from each RD:

Sergio's route:

Sergio: How’s it goin’, Cupcake? You sleep well?
Pov: Yeah. The room is nice, thank you.
Sergio: What, did you think we’d thrown you in some shitty barracks, or somethin’?
Sergio: Even if you owe us money, I’m not gonna treat you like total shit.
Pov: That’s…

Eira's route:

Pov: Can I get you anything?
Eira flashes me a smile.
Eira: Scotch, neat. Let’s see how you pour.
Eira turns the glass in her hand.
Eira: Good work. I see that you’ve been practicing free-pouring.
Pov: They said it would help me work faster once I get the hand of things.
Eira: It’s true.
Eira: Some nights we’re especially busy, so you’ll want to be able to keep up with the pace.

Next up is Nanako. We're moving right along on schedule! (The order for scripts remaining is Nanako, Kazue, Mateo, Clement, Festus, Anise). [Character list here.] Since the original plan was to start writing scripts in February, we have a little wiggle-room. I'm planning to finish Nanako's RD by Feb 1. 


Concept art for Sergio and Eira has been released here. Mateo is next on the list! Once we finish concept art we will begin work on sprites.


Just as an over-arching comment, we won't be releasing any information about updated BG art or music until after the scripts are written. 

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