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total sucker for this game, i keep coming back, AND LOVE IT EVERY SINGLE TIME AAAAAAA rat man cute very 

I'm weak for childhood friends to lovers trope so--

rat man is cute but-
I really liked jack more :') 


demo was awesome! can't wait for more of the game to come.

question, when and if the full game releases will it cost money?


this is my favorite game now (❁´◡`❁)


I loved this so much the game is amazing  I chose the rat kingdom first and bro I'm like crying IT SAYS TO BE CONTINUED DO I NEED TO BUY IT TO CONTINUE BECAUSE I SURE WILL and if I don't if I just have to wait then so be it but I have fallen in love with these characters and oh my gosh I love this game violet you made an amazing game you are now my favorite person in the world >O<


wwaititng for rat man lol xD but overall great characters and story line this is one of  the few visual novels that could really pull on my heart strings rlly recommend this game can't wait for the full game!  


oh my god this is great, i love jack with every bone in my body, haha


¡¡¡THIS IS TOO BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 /cry in spanish


Status: Missing the rat man <3


rat man my beloved




Still being made?

I guess not. :(


Hey! they keep creating the game! Here is their website ^^           


¡Thanks to you! My English is a bit bad, haha


I think,,, sorta? They don't seem to be working on it actively, at least. Their Twitter is sort of dead but they haven't said anything about completely cancelling it


Hey! they keep creating the game! Here is their website ^^                  

I hope this help!



Oh so it seems that the full game will be release next year? btw, I love this <3 I first try Jack'a route, I mean he look soooo kawaii especially his blushes lmao, I also like Dietrich's route too <3 I'll be waiting for the update <3 The arts is soo good too also the soundtracks, you guys did a great job


Coming back again xD still waiting :3

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I recently downloaded this game while bored trying to find something to do and let me tell you. I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. I'm literally not joking It's so cool the characters , style , plot , just everything about this game drew me in! I have not been able to stop playing it it's that good (Especially Dietrich's route!)  by far one of the best games I've played in a while. I cannot wait for the full game to come out! ^^ (I just made an account to comment how cool this game is anyways keep up the hard work!!)


I absolutely love the story! It's super cute :) Can't wait for the full game


Hi! I have a couple questions: Does the beta only contain Dietrich and Jack's route? Because I can't seem to find a way to get nor on Alistair's nor on Fae's route. Also, did you already plan on a release date for the full game? I first thought the game was fully released and got so dissapointed when I got the "to be continued" message because I was so into the story T_T. That just mean your game is really amazing though so thanks for your hard work!


Thank you!

Yes, the beta only contains Jack and Dietrich's route.

We are currently in the middle of development, but I am in the middle of graduate school, so I don't have the time to devote to the game -- we'll be picking back up once we have the time!

Great! Thank you for your answer and good luck on getting your diploma :)

holy cowww the game was amazing! dietrich is my favorite

I just found the game yesterday, it's so cute i-


Is this game still in-development? I hope so, it seems really cute and I'd love to see the continuation of the story!! Hopefully you guys keep working on it because it has a lot of potential. Excited to see any future development and updates!

Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, it is still in development. At the moment, I am in the middle of graduate school, so I don't have the time to work on the game, but I'm planning on picking work back up when I have time. 

Will there be another part? I'm so addicted to this Lmao best game I ever played! 


omg i can´t get enough of Jack. Hopefully the MC calls him out on his overprotective behavior at one point... (for the sake of drama lol) Anyway... great game. I loved all the characters and the writing style is so vivid! I´ll definetly purchase the whole game when it comes out


to be continued?! that felt like a full ending. i can't really imagine the other routes... jack's seems like the only one that makes sense.


This is pretty adorable I cant wait to play the actual full story ( Dietrich and Alistair and Marz are my favorite characters so far)


I just finished playing the beta and it's amazing. I'm very attached to all the characters and it really feels as if I were the one in the story. I love Jack so much he's the best.

Thank you so much!

will there be a part 2?

This is just a demo of the game, so yes!


Its a cute visual novel~


Thank you!


its so gooooooodddddddddddddd, +-+

U really know how 2 make a person attached 2 the story. U have been blessed with the power of  UwUs and OwO's.

Thank you!

Will this be available on steam when it is done? I would love to be able to support this game as what I played so far was amazing!

It will eventually! Thank you so much!

Howdy! I loved the story so far! Is Alistar's route going to be available any time in the near future? Could you possibly give an estimate? Also when are you going to update dietrich's route I AM IN LOVE

HI there! COVID sort of threw a curve ball into our plans, so I'm not sure about any concrete timeline about when the routes will be completed.

This game is so amazing! I saw that the game would be free when the full version is released so I was wondering if you had a estimate of how much it will cause? :)

December we are planning a partial release/early access version that will likely be around 10$! 

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I just finished it today and I'm hooked on the plot of the story. It's very engaging and enjoyable, I love Dietrich's character and his relationship development with the MC. 

May I just say the MC is one sassy, well-spoken lady? She's super yappy about everything about Dietrich in the first days of his route (because they're starting to get warm with eachother hehehhe) . It's so moving when they were infront of the fire place and talking pleasantly. Oh gods, the art is also attractive! I look forward to the next chapter and update :>>


Whoa! Awesome game! I'll definitely by the full version. So far Dietrich is my fav, i almost cried playing his route. Thank you for a great 2 hours))

Also, I have a few questions:

1) Can i hope on Steam release when the game is complete?
2) Do you have any plans on R-rated version or dlc?


Hi there! Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, we will have a Steam release! No, there will not be a NSFW version of the game. As for DLC, we aren't sure yet. :)

I really liked this! One of those visual novels where your perspective varies depending on the route. 

Dietrich secured a place in my heart. And the MC is so adorable!

Hello, just dropping by again to share this fan art of Azra. I also have one of Marz in the works. Hope you're doing great, devs!
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Is there an estimated release date for the final game?

We're working towards December. :)

Oh yay! Thank you, I really enjoyed the demo btw C:

Deleted post


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Yes, I totally love this. Dietrich in particular. (I know he's a fan fave. But hey, we like our grumpy but sweet boys. Don't we? *snuggles to death a certain Sergio from Dead Wishes*) I was so heartbroken when it ended where it did. I must return to my precious rat and his birbles. <3

Now to play Jack's route. God, I get the feeling it will be so hard to ever choose between them. I've such a thing for grumpy boys and childhood sweeties. xD


Aw, thank you for the kind words!! I'm glad you're enjoying the demo!!

Hey! First of all game is awesome. Secondly I have a queston will the game be free when fully released and when it will be realised?

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply - I've been sort of in a tizzy with the current lock down situation.  Thank you for the kind words! It will not be free at release, which is projected for December 2020. I would like to keep that date stable, but the COVID-19 stuff is sort of throwing off development as I've been busy with adjusting to my day job. 

i just finished playing jack's and dietrich's route. im absolutely in love with dietrich. the artstyle is cute, and the plot is really amazing. im really looking forward for the  full release!

Thank you very much!


I just finished Jack's and Dietrich's routes. It was so adorable, especially Jack's route.

I wish MC can gain control of their magic powers and save everyone from the winter. 

Thank you for the kind words! MC has quite the storm ahead of them.

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